About MIBW
On a mission to encourage, support and grow Maori business in Wairarapa.
Building stronger communities together

We are an organization that provides a platform to expand your network and gain knowledge passed from our Tipuna and Rangatira.

Using our platform and the Māori network available we aim to guide you in building strong relationships within the community contributing to the future of our whanaungatanga.

How we do this
We provide all the tools you need to be successful in a really easy way
You’ll have access to workshops on all the burning topics such as accounting software, IT, web development, marketing, public speaking skills, plus be privy to Networking events! Most services are included in your subscription – however occasionally we will run some spectacular specialist workshops these will be a small fee if you want to join but guaranteed worth it!
You are not alone
Connecting with us means you don’t have to go it alone! Attend the regular hui over a coffee at a local Cafe, join forces to upskill and support each other within this great community of Māori entrepreneurs we are building. we'll also have monthly meetings where members can get together to promote, encourage and contribute to each other's knowledge reinforcing the Māori network we seek. So Nau Mai, Haere Mai – You are all welcome. We look forward to working alongside you to build a future to be proud of for our people!
Māori in Business Wairarapa Strategy
2022 - 2027
Our vision is to empower successful Māori Business endeavours and relationships in the Wairarapa Region. We believe that economic growth for Māori is key to helping iwi, hapu, whānau re-build intergenerational wealth (cultural, social and economic wealth transferred from one generation to the next). We believe Māori ownership of business, land, and other assets provides the strongest opportunity to express rangatiratanga and aspirations for cultural and social well-being. Ultimately, we hope that the work we do will help reduce inequities for Māori in Wairarapa and create transformative economic outcomes for our region.
We aim to provide culturally appropriate, mana-enhancing and skilled technical business expertise services to embrace, encourage, support, and empower the Māori business community in the Wairarapa.
Our Values
  • Manaakitanga / Reciprocity
  • Lead with aroha
  • Championing Rangatiratanga / Supporting and uplifiting others
  • Operating with openness, honesty and transparency
  • Kotahitanga - Working in Collobaration with the Community
Our Focus Areas
Working with Māori 
  • Supporting Māori who own and operate business/es in the Wairarapa 
  • Supporting Māori that are wanting to learn more about being a business owner/operator 
  • Supporting and building Māori Leadership across the Wairarapa Business community 
Working with influencers (iwi, business, Crown Agents)
  • Connecting influencers to understand the importance  of growing Māori economy 
  • Champion and raise awareness of Local Māori Business enterprise 
Our Services
  • Events and promotional activities to share information and create networking opportunities for MIBW members
  • We will provide specific Membership Services that benefit our members  
  • We will facilitate access to business expertise and professional development opportunities for the MIBW membership 
  • We will influence key stakeholders in the Wairarapa to work with and create opportunities for our MIBW membership   
  • We will utilise relevant data and research to support our members and influencers 
Our Objectives
Year's 1 - 2 (2022 - 2023)
  • Establish relationships and key connections for MiBW
  • Establish internal operations for MiBW services
  • Establish entity structure
  • Begin early development and delivery of services. For example Supporting Māori in Business by facilitating 3 events annually that are funded, Funding database build to support the members for funding and or business development support
Year's 3 - 5 (2024 - 2027)
  • Expand services for membership and expand membership
  • Embed and formalise key partnerships
  • Systemise internal operations for MiBW services
  • Confirm sustainable MiBW operations and services
  • Champion Māori in Business Voice by attaining key influential roles across Wairarapa Economic Forum